Wednesday, April 14, 2010

3 things

Some of our wabisabi readers have requested that we mamas provide more personal information about ourselves so you can get to know us better. The first tidbit of personal information we'll share: we love to talk about ourselves, so of course we're happy to do this! We'll be starting an occasional series called "3 Things" in which we list any 3 things about ourselves. I'm starting off with this:

3 Things I'm Scared of

1. My house burning down because I've left the stove on or a hair straightener plugged in (could a house really burn down via hair straightener?). I once accidentally left a pot of tomato soup on the burner all night to find a charred pot as all that remained. I have driven to work only to turn right back around to double check that my curling iron wasn't plugged in.

2. Cockroaches--gross! I lived in Hawaii for a few months and even though my apartment was a nice, new place, the cockroaches still came out at night. After our first night there, my roommate and I swore we felt them crawling on us in our sleep. Starting the next night and for the months following, we slept with our lights on because we thought that would deter the cockroaches from bothering us (it did--I think). If we took a trip to our kitchen, we always wore slippers because you never knew if you would step on one. Seriously, they are the most disgusting creatures on this earth and I hate them.

3. Tripping and dropping my baby. I have this unhealthy fear that I am going to drop Olive on the floor and crack her head open. This fear haunts me particularly when I am walking on the slate floor in my kitchen and dining room. I get really mad at my husband when he leaves his shoes scattered on the floor because I am prone to trip on them.

Your turn! We want to get to know you too, so let's hear your 3 things.


Kendra said...

Having been in a fire, I know that fear and never want to again! I am constantly waking in the middle of the night to check and make sure I have turned the oven off and we almost never use candles.

ginger said...

Your #2 fear is the #2 reason I don't live near mamaQ anymore.