Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Prepared for Dying!

Recently Mr. Q and I have been talking about the rather morbid subject of death. Or more precisely, what would happen if one or both of us should die. It’s been interesting conversation, if somewhat disturbing, but one we feel is necessary to have since now we are parents and we want to make sure that Mayumi is provided for in every way possible. This means looking into life insurance, living wills, and other legal steps to ensure this.

My general philosophy is to be as open and honest in communicating our wishes as possible. This meant having a conversation with my parents about their ability and interest in taking guardianship of Mayumi should something ever happen to us. And working out all the financial and legal stuff that goes along with it.

We’re only in the midst of all this – there is so much to understand – but in light of MamaM’s post about emergency preparedness, it seems that this is one of those things that we should take care of sooner rather than later. So we’re talking to lawyers and trying to get this stuff taken care of.

I share this for a couple reasons:
1. If you haven’t thought of this or if you’ve been putting it off, it is a gentle reminder to get started on it.
2. If you are on top of this stuff, please share resources and pointers for the rest of us!

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Rachel Hagen said...

We've been trying on getting things organized for a living will too. Please continue to share your experience!!