Thursday, April 8, 2010

Homemade: Eye Pillows

I'm in the process of making some eye pillows to use during shavasana (final relaxation) in the yoga class I lead on Tuesday mornings.  One of my teachers incorporates them in her class and it is so relaxing to have that scrumptious goodness on my eyes.  And making them really is so easy, so here it goes:

I cut out a template for a more "contoured" shape.

After sewing around the edges and turning them right-side-in, I filled them with a mix of rice and lavender.

Blind stitch the opening closed and there you have a lovely little eye pillow.  I used some fabric scraps that mom brought me from Japan, but any fabric would work, don't you think?  I found that the rectangular shaped pillows were easier and just as effective as the contoured ones, so I think I may go with those from here on out.  Just a few more to go and then we all benefit in yoga class.  Namaste!

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Esther said...

One of my yoga teachers did this too and I LOVED it. It is fabulous. I love the idea of putting lavender in it. Where did you get your lavender? I would love to find some.