Saturday, June 12, 2010

3 Things I Wish I Liked More...

Do you ever have those things that you wished you liked because it seemed fashionable or everyone else liked it but you just don't or you could take it or leave it or you haven't even made that step in trying it? I have a few:

1. Tea
I went through a phase where I was buying tea a lot and ordering it at restaurants for dinner or dessert. It seems so classy and sophisticated and so many cool people I knew loved tea and I guess I wanted to emulate that coolness. But I've tried quite a few and no matter what, it leaves me saying, "Meh." I thought I could acquire a taste for it but I can't. Still have some leftover lemon tea in the cupboard that won't ever be consumed. I'm much more of a hot cocoa kind of girl.

2. Jazz
No, not the basketball team in Utah (although I'm kinda "meh" about them too - Go Celtics!) but the music. This again is one of those things that seems so cool to me - going to some restaurant or bar that plays live jazz music or a jazz concert. But I could take it or leave it. Maybe I just haven't been exposed to enough of the good stuff. Maybe I'll appreciate it more as I get older? Or maybe I'll just fake it with all the people that I like who like it.

3. Animal prints
This is one of those things that I see other people wearing and think that looks so fun and sassy but just can't imagine it on myself. Maybe I just need to try. Like an animal print shoe or scarf or purse. This post gives me a little more motivation to try it out.

Maybe you might be wondering why I would lament not liking something. But come on - haven't you ever felt left out of a trend or hobby that just didn't work for you but seemed to work for everyone else - skinny jeans/leggings (which I love now), books (there are probably more people than you know that don't really like to read) or some television show that you just don't get (I miss So You Think You Can Dance so much since we unplugged our television)? I'm sure that there are guys that take up golf just because of the socialization/business opportunity or status aspect of it. Shallow? I don't know - maybe our motivation for liking some things isn't the point but whether it could turn into something that we truly love and gain satisfaction from.

I saw a zebra print the other day -- I think I could rock that.

How about you -- what are your things?


Tyson, Katie and Amelia said...

I've tried getting into Glee, but I can't do it. Everyone I know loves that show.

MamaM said...

Thai food and knitting.

MamaD said...

What! You don't like Thai food? I want to like knitting too but I just haven't really gotten into it...yet.