Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another Reason to Go Organic!

By now almost everyone I know has made the switch to organic.  You have, right?  (If not, please check out this article from CBS).

Organic produce and foods are so much more expensive than the conventional stuff (which I can't understand how it is still legal to grow food that way when the evidence is mounting and mounting about the damage exposure to pesticides).  But when you weigh the health benefits, it seems like a necessary expense.  As if I needed another reason, some new research has shown that exposure to pesticides is linked to an increase in ADHD in children.  In an excerpt from the article:
The population is typically exposed to pesticides through food, drinking water, and residential use. Major sources of exposure for children and infants is through the diet, as some fruits and vegetables have been shown to have pesticide residue.

The potential harm from pesticide exposure is greater in children because the developing brain is more vulnerable, and doses per body weight are likely to be higher than in adults.
Ahhhh! Okay, let's not get too alarmed.  But seriously, my friends.  Buy local, organically grown produce, join a CSA or better yet, grow your own veggies with your kids. For the sake of our children, right?


Esther said...

I am glad you wrote about this. I have been looking for articles about organic and this was really interesting.

sandy bells said...

mims, you must watch a documentary called 'the beautiful truth'. it touches on pesticides, going organic, the dangers of mercury being used in dentists' offices, aspartame and all kinds of other lifestyle discoveries made by the pioneer dr. max gerson in the 1920s. it was quite eye-opening and inspiring (i even bought a juicer because of it!). ♥