Friday, June 25, 2010

Thank you Uncle Sam

It's always fun to get a tax return and figure out how to spend it. Well, not all of it--we'll be opening a 529 account for Olive and made a huge payment on our truck--but we also kept a little for some projects around the house.

Like these ledge shelves in my dining room (contents are still a work in progress):

And storage racks for the garage! Nothing makes me happier than organized storage.

What'd you do with your money?


Grasshopper said...

our hefty tax return is sitting in savings waiting for either:
1. paying for 1 cycle of in vitro OR
2. a european vacation on the miraculous chance that we get pregnant naturally.
please pray for #2 so i can have the best of both worlds!!!

MamaD said...

Straight into savings...which will probably go to the closing costs and down payment of our (maybe?) new house until we sell our current one to reimburse it.