Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Growing Up

Mayumi is 2 years and 8 months old. She should still be fitting into her size 2T clothes, right? But her pants were rising up above her ankles and her long-sleeved shirts are all about 3/4 length now. I feel as though she shot up overnight. My little amazon girl needed a little wardrobe rehaul.

I spent the better part of the morning going through her drawers and replacing most of her stuff with size 3T clothes (thankfully we were stocked up from generous grandparents at Christmas and from good friends passing on some gently-worn outfits). As I pulled out the too-small pants that have gotten worn at the knees and the shirts with stains across the chest I couldn't help but get a little teary-eyed. We have so many memories associated with these miniature outfits: the trip to the zoo when she insisted on poking the straw into her chocolate milk box all by herself and sprayed herself with brown ooze. The time she wore her "kiss berry" shirt to Mr. Q's work and melted all his co-workers' hearts. The beautiful shirt and sweater set that she received as a gift from my best friend in Japan.

When Mayumi was a newborn I remember laying next to her and sobbing one night as she slept. I had realized that someday this precious little one would leave me to go to college. I almost couldn't bear it. I still find myself facing these moments when I feel as though time is passing by far too quickly and she won't always be my little girl. I sometimes wish I could freeze these moments forever...

But the other truth is that I keep loving her more as she grows. Just when I think it can't get any better, she does something new and I am fascinated and proud. She keeps getting more fun! And I cling to that truth to combat my fear of losing her.

Her clothes are packed away in a tupperware bin in the basement (oh, there are so many!) in easy reach, just in case I need to take them out to reminisce or (please, God, pretty please) I get a shot at raising another little sweet pea who gets to add more memories and stains to some lovingly-worn clothes.


ginger said...

No fair making me cry before 9 in the morning!

MaurLo said...

I'm all teary too. I remember when my mom-in-law sent a 2T dress to us when I was still 5 months pregnant. I started crying. I hadn't even had my baby and the dress represented that this baby girl was going to grow way too quick. I cried last spring when she finally wore the dress and now it is tucked away...we are now into did it happen so fast even when I tried to soak in all the moments? Good thing progression is such a sweet part of our lives as well. (We're praying for a #2Q as well!)

Stephnanie Soper said...

mine makes the 3rd set of teary responses and another (surely not just the 2nd) set of prayers for a new little Q