Saturday, June 19, 2010

Trialogue: For the Love of Dad

The dynamic duo: wabisabi mom and wabisabi dad

Q: Given the subject matter of our blog, it is understandable (though perhaps not quite forgivable?) that we spend the majority of our time focusing on motherhood and all its glories.

M: However, with Father's Day just around the corner (tomorrow, ladies--don't forget!), we would be remiss if we didn't honor our wabisabi dad.

Q: There is no doubt that dads are important in the life of a child. They leave an impression.

D: Grandpas too! The lives of our little ones are so much fuller with these men.

Wabisabi Grandpa with granddaughter #2

Q: Dads are lucky because they often get to be the "fun one." Growing up in our house, Mom was the one home all day holding down the fort, doing the majority of the disciplining, and Dad got to come home and be the novelty. But the truth is, he was also just a fun guy. He loves to laugh and play and joke around. Many Monday family nights turned into Razzle Frazzle - Dad's own invention where he crawled around on all fours and tried to fend off tickle attacks from all us kids. It was always a hit.

M: I believe he learned that game at "Daddy School," the answer he always gave when we kids asked, "How'd you know how to do that?" I think that's where he learned all of his jokes, too. Like the one when I would ask for a tissue and he would respond, "Tissue? Why I hardly know you!" It actually took me years to figure out what he meant by that.

Dad, a lover of meat, sharing a meal with wabisabi brother (also shamefully neglected on this blog, but we love him, too!)

D: Our dad was also the "soft" one. When I wanted something like money for a movie ticket or permission to go to some sort of activity, I could always count on my dad's answer, "Sure! I don't see why not..." He was also good for cuddles - I remember one time being at church and being so tired that my dad held me in his lap with my head resting on his shoulder while I fell into a deep sleep and drooled all over him. And he didn't even complain about the huge, wet mark on his suit.

A new young father (with MamaQ).  Check out the hi-fi and tape deck!

Q: Some of my fondest memories of Dad are centered around his passion for family history work. We would take a weekend, just he and I, to go on a genealogical expedition. When I was a junior in high school we went hiking up in New Hampshire, visited Dartmouth College campus and then spent a few hours at the town hall searching through records trying to track down some information on one of our ancestors. Another time we were hoofing it through a cemetery up in Maine looking for the tombstone of Gershom Mann, another ancestor. Dad is passionate about genealogy, with volumes of pedigree charts that he has researched and compiled, tracing his family lineage back to the Mayflower and beyond!

M: Dad also enjoyed (and still enjoys) hiking, which we did a fair share of growing up. I must have been only in elementary school when I did a 15-mile hike with him and my brother for my brother's Boy Scout merit badge. It was a great introduction to camping and the great outdoors. Hiking has now turned into one of my favorite pastimes, too.

Hiking in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

D: One thing is for sure - you can always count on Dad!

Q: We were incredibly lucky to have had his love, support and influence in our lives. While we focus a lot on our Japanese heritage, we are just as impacted by and grateful for our New England Yankee spirit that we've inherited from him. We love you, Daddy. Have a wonderful Father's Day!

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Dad's are awesome! Your's is great and mine is fantastic! Here's an article I wrote about the greatness of Dad's a couple of years ago.