Friday, June 4, 2010

Oishii: Chocolate-dipped strawberries

Hubby bought a huge pack of strawberries at Costco the other day and I thought, "What better way to eat these than dipped in CHOCOLATE!" It was a good excuse to experiment with making chocolate-covered strawberries, which I've never done before, so I pulled out my Test Kitchen cookbook (great cookbook, by the way). 

To my delight, the recipe was easy: melt 8 ounces of chopped bittersweet chocolate in the microwave for a few minutes (whisking often), dip and refrigerate for half an hour. Repeat if you want white chocolate, only drizzle the chocolate with a spoon instead of dipping. 

They tasted as good as they look. Yum!


Kumi said...

Looks delicious and the are gigantic!

Kendra said...

These look delish!

Tyson, Katie and Amelia said...

YUM. And a lovely homemade way to make something special for your honey! I might do this for Valentine's Day next year.