Tuesday, May 4, 2010

3 Things I Love About Being a Mom

How can I possibly narrow this down to three things?  I LOVE being a mother - I have been pleasantly surprised by how natural and comfortable and happy I feel in this role.  It encompasses everything I love - creating, teaching, nurturing... I feel as though I have become a whole person, as though my happiness is complete.

1.  Seeing and experiencing things though the eyes of a child.  Being completely immersed in the creative and learning processes. All the opportunities to teach and learn and improve myself. (okay, that's a three-in-one)

2. Sharing parenthood with the love of my life, and knowing him as (the most amazing) father.

3.  The physicality of it all - hearing that little voice call out "Mommy!", feeling her arms wrapped around my neck, smelling her freshly-shampooed head, watching her grow before my eyes...

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Ye Stewart Clan said...

Number 3 is something I never really thought about before. And it is so true! I feel like I always think about the negative side of number 3, like heavy lifting, etc. I didn't realize motherhood would be so blue collar and that I would be doing so much manual labor. But there is that wonderful side of all that physicality. Love it! Thanks!