Friday, May 28, 2010

Oishii: Homemade Pop-Tarts

While exploring our ever-chainging urban neighborhood, we happened upon a new restaurant.  It's a cross between a diner and a bakery, with one of the bakers preparing yummy creations in the front window so you can observe from the sidewalk. 

Enticed, we stepped in to check it out and asked what they recommended we try.  The two waiters behind the counter both chorused "The pop-tarts!" 

Pop-tarts?  Those disgustingly sweet over-processed junk treats that you pop in the toaster?  But I got one anyhow.  Flaky pie crust on the outside, warm homemade strawberry jam on the inside... it was so good.  Mayumi, usually a good sharer, barely let me have a bite.  It was the perfect little treat on a misty morning after yoga.

I've been thinking about that little confection ever-since and I figured it couldn't be too difficult to make. A quick search on the internet yielded this guide, with beautiful photos and easty-to-follow instructions.  Next cool day I may try my hand at these pretty treats - let me know if you do, too!

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