Thursday, May 20, 2010

Playtime!: File folder games

If I knew how much work this project would be, I wouldn't have started it. But now that it's done, I'm glad I have these fun file folder games on hand.

After perusing lots of different websites for free file folder games, I printed templates from They had a nice array for preschool through third grade. You can print them in black and white, then color them in yourself, but I chose to save some time and just print them in color.

Then there's the cutting. And there's lots of cutting.

My recommendation? Don't print the game with the dinosaurs--the scales on their back are a pain to cut out. But the others were fairly easy, just time consuming.

Then there's the laminating and the velcro-ing, and cutting the lid to the envelope that holds all the pieces.

Ultimately, this project wasn't that cheap. I only have a color inkjet printer and I wanted the sheets done on a laser printer, so I had the pages printed at Kinko's. Add the cost of the lamination and this becomes a pretty pricey project. But punch some holes through the folders, throw them in a binder and you've got a compact and mobile way to entertain kids for hours.

Here are the links to the games I made:

Alphabet hearts:

Cupcake count:

Alpha animals:

Dino colors:


MamaQ said...

maya absolutely loved the one you made for her last year - it is so tattered and torn from lots of use. these are awesome, but i know how much work they can be and i am not quite motivated...
but yours look fabulous!

Ye Stewart Clan said...

What a cute idea! But yeah laminating is so expensive. I had no idea. I went to Kinkos once to have some paper place mats laminated that I loved and it would have costed me $10 per place mat. And the do it yourself laminating sheets in the stationery aisle are not big enough for my place mats. But they would probably work on this project. Cute idea. I really love it. Especially when you need a quiet activity for church or a waiting room or something. I bet you could even buy mini folders from the paper source and size the games down and have one in your purse or something. Oh the possibilities are endless!!!

Kumi said...

Amazing!!! You are all set for Olive to play. These are very good quiet books. I don't know how you can find time to do these projects!

eileen said...

i made a bunch of these on sheets of paper, put them in a binder and now use them as a 'quiet book' book for church.

thanks for putting this post together, i'm going to try some of these.

Emily W said...

Oooh...those are what you are bringing Tues, huh? FUN! Thanks for all the links! That is great!

Nia said...

A cheaper way to laminate is using clear contact paper. Also if you have a Mardel's in your area, they have self-service laminating. You can also find free printable file folder games at