Thursday, May 6, 2010

Homemade: Mommy Tote

It's so hard to find the perfect gift for mothers - something creative and beautiful and useful that captures your intense gratitude for the amazing sacrifice and dedication they've shown.  It's almost impossible!

But this little project may be something... 

Inspired by one of my favorite ee cummings poems (you may have seen it posted here a few weeks ago) I thought making a handy little tote with the words "i carry you in my heart" on it would capture somewhat the feelings of a mother for her children (or grandchildren).  I used about half a yard of fabric for the outside and found a complementary color for the pocket, lining and handles.  I plan to send it along to my mother tomorrow (look for it in the mail soon, mom!).

For the picture frame I simply traced a lopsided heart out of cardboard, covered it with fabric and glued on a piece of vinyl behind it to protect the photo.  Using embraidery floss, I just sewed it on to the pocket.  It was quite an easy little project - and I think it'll be handy for carrying a couple magazines or books (it's a bit more delicate rather than sturdy, so nothing too heavy!).

I know some of you have some wonderful, thoughtful, and creative gifts you've given and/or received for Mother's Day.  Please share!

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