Sunday, May 30, 2010

3 Things I Wish Would Make a Comeback

1) Mom jeans. I am serious; I love mom jeans. I know they're hideous, but they are comfortable! And how I love comfort these days. Low-rider hipster jeans only look cute on skinny girls, while they accentuate the rolls many moms have. But mom jeans hold all that doughy goodness in and turn it into sexy curves. First it was dark denim, then skinny jeans--I know mom jeans are next to make a comeback.

2) New Kids on the Block. Not NKOTB or any of that crappy music they came out with in 2008, but the real New Kids on the Block. They were a serious boy band. Hangin' Tough, The Right Stuff, Please Don't Go Girl--need I say more?

3) Berry Berry Kix. I LOVED this cereal as a kid, but it seemed to have been on the market for just a short time. How could they pull such a beloved kid-tested, mom-approved cereal? Please come back, Berry Berry Kix. Please come back!


eileen said...

i was i love with the cereal 'oreo o's'
they just recently discontinued it. well, i guess it has been a few years now. for a while they still sold it in utah and my in-laws would mail me a few boxes every once in a while.
it's probably a good thing, or i'd have to buy some of those ugly mom jeans.

Mark said...

This was probably discontinued before you were born, but whatever happened to Pertussin Cough Medicine? That was good stuff. One would almost want to catch a cold just to swill Pertussin. Probably had cocaine in it...

MaurLo said...

Love the mom funny! Maybe I should just embrace this jelly belly!