Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kodomo no Hi:Children's Day

I love that Japan has a national holiday for children.  Today is Kodomo no Hi, or Children's Day, and it is typically celebrated by flying cool carp flags and lots of playtime!  Though it originally started out as Boys Day, Kodomo no Hi, is a universal celebration of all children and in turn, an honoring of their parents.  On this day Japanese families display a samurai helmet to encourage the warrior spirit in their cihldren and they fly carp (koi) flags, which symbolize strength,good fortune and longevity.

To join in on the fun, Mayumi and I made some nifty little origami toys.

Here are instructions for folding your own origami samurai helmet or your own origami carp kite (koinobori).

If you want to get all crazy with your lunch, you can take a page from this lady's book and make a koi bento box.  But this Americanized mama is just going to go with the trusty ol' PB&J sandwich today!


MamaD said...

That is the cutest dress Maya is wearing!

Kumi said...

Does Maya looks better with bright color like orange, red???? Does she like pastel color????

MamaQ said...

mom made the dress and gave it to Mayumi last year when lucy was born. and mom, she looks good in any color, but i especially like it when she wears yellow, blue and (gasp!) pink! though she looks stunning in red as well. how can i choose?

MaurLo said...

Maya is too darling in that picture! What a cute dress!